Its cold! A girls guide…

I’m a California girl… a born, raised, bred valley girl. I decided a year and a half ago to take this job in Denver, CO.  Why not? California is over crowded and over priced. Colorado is beautiful, the people are really nice and California is a plane ride away.

I knew I would experience a real winter – snow, freezing temps, etc. –  and I’ve been super lucky that winter last year, and so far this year, have been mild. Also, this isn’t Minnesota or Wisconsin, so I guess it could be worse.

My wardrobe has lacked and wearing layers of clothing is difficult to get used to. Driving is annoying. And sometimes regardless of what is on my feet, my toes get cold.

I decided that someone should put together a valley girls guide to winter. SO here goes:

1) Dresses and skirts are a girls best friend. Why? Well… pants have pant legs, those are in the shape of a cylinder. A cylinder allows air to sweep up and that makes for a cold leg.  Jeans are good, but when they get wet its uncomfortable.

Obviously you can’t wear a dress or skirt with bare skin – you’d look silly in 10 degree weather.  Tights or leggings are perfect! They are tight, cover your legs and keep out the cold. Even better news, these two articles of clothing have in fact become so fashionable that they come in every color from red to yellow. Invest. Stay warm.

2) Boots. Leather. Period. Sorrels are pretty great too if you can afford the $200 pair. Worth the investment as well.

3) Tap water is not window washer fluid. Keep the fluid full.  Otherwise this is what happens ——>

(super dumb moment on my part.)

4) Don’t drive if you don’t have to. Luckily Denver has the Light Rail. I say “don’t drive” not because of the roads, which I guess is a consideration, but more because even though in places where it snows on and off six months of the year people seem to forget that the roads are icy, slippery and they drive like jerks.

5) If you do decide to drive, always have gas. At freezing temps, you need to have at least a quarter tank.  The indicator light should never go on.

6) Snow tires… don’t listen to those people who tell you “You won’t need them”. You’ll need them.

7) Bring lunch to work… it saves you money, most importantly, but for those days when the weather changes without notice – and it does that – you won’t starve. Also, keep a snack in your purse, oatmeal in your desk… whatever.

8) When your boyfriend, who hunts in November in the mountains in the snow, says “Wouldn’t it be great to camp in the mountains this weekend” and there’s snow on the ground say “No”.  It’s not fun. Its cold. That’s right, he’s probably a little crazy. If you agreed to it when you were dating to get into his pants… a “No” then wouldn’t have mattered.

9) Those hats with the ball on the top and the strings on the side… buy one in every color!  They aren’t as ugly as they look on the shelf.

Lastly 10)  Those scraper things for your car window… buy one the day you move to snow. Wal-Mart $7.   -PS they don’t really work after you throw tap water on the windshield, so remember number 3.

Someone told me to keep cat litter in the car for weight and in case your car gets stuck parked at a sidewalk.  I haven’t done that, and I don’t intend to, but I’m sure it works.  The last week has been a little rough on my California senses and these things have played a part or they are things I remembered from last year and wish someone would have told me.

Stay Warm.  Drive Safe!


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