Family Time…

In Vegas for the weekend and then some to spend some time with the fam.  Typically these little trips tend to be somewhat stressful.  However, this trip seems less stressful.  Everyone is healthy and seemingly happy. 

I got to spend the whole morning with my God Daughter/Cousin Brianna.  Who is the smartest most beautiful little creature in the world.  I realize I am bias, but truly… she’s amazing.  I took her to gymnastics, we painted pottery, had lunch and got some frozen yogurt.  She’s a super special kid and I feel lucky to be a part of her life.

Last night, I had dinner with my family to celebrate my birthday and it was fun.  I asked Brianna if we should have Mexican food or Italian food…. she said “I want our food”.  I asked her what that meant, she said “We’re Italian, we should have Italian food.” So we ate at the Olive Garden.  By the way… the one here in Vegas that we always go to is ALWAYS super busy.  They have great service and still great food.  I love that they are still in business and they still do an amazing job with custoemr service. 

For the first time I don’t feel annoyed or irritated or bothered by spending too much time with everyone. Even my sister and I are getting along. Maybe being 29 had given me a calmness… maybe I just de-stressed myself recently. Usually by the third day I am ready to go home, but I could even stay a few more days.

I guess when life is great, everything else seems easy.

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