If the World Ran Like Starbucks

Ya-I drink the Kool-Aid – or take part in the Starbucks Crack Life. How ever you want to describe it.

Here’s my story. On my way to work, there is a Drive-Thru Starbucks location and I stop 3-4 times a week to get my regular Venti Green Tea Latte, non fat, no classic, sometimes its iced, sometimes its hot.

Here’s why I love this place. It’s a drive thru (I don’t really need to say anything else), so customers, like myself, expect them even faster than normal. And they are. I swear its faster than walking into a traditional location. Also, on more than one occasion the person in the car in front of me bought my order for me. That has never happened in a regular store to me!

They know me. Even when I know they can’t hear me very well over the traffic off the main street, they get my order right. It’s probably not the most popular way to order this drink so it may be hard to get wrong. I mean after a year, I order it basically the same way everyday.

They are so friendly! The only Starbucks employees I don’t find friendly, are those at the airport, which I have spent some time at. Typically, the Starbucks employees are overly friendly, make conversation and offer suggestions when asked.

The title of this blog is “If the World Ran Like Starbucks”. Here’s my point. Drive thru or traditional store, Starbucks almost never fails or disappoints me. Friendly, fast, accurate. Isn’t that what we expect of restaurants in America. It’s what I preach to the people I train. A well oiled machine is an important part of any business. Processes and procedures may seem super boring and can feel stagnant, but when you have customers to accommodate and a business to build based on those customers, it’s the only way to make it work.

Life revolves around how we react to one another. In kindergarten, you should have learned to treat others as you would like to be treated. You will never get anything out of something you put nothing into. Does that make sense?

The employees at my Starbucks don’t know me by name, they probably would if I walked in, but that isn’t possible. However, they do know my face and the girl that I see the most often always greets me as if she is happy to see me. Shouldn’t we treat all people we interact with like that.

I know that we don’t always enjoy the people we have to deal with, but here’s what I’ve learned – If the world ran like Starbucks – a friendly, homey, peaceful, and efficient place to go to, wouldn’t we be just a little better off?

We can add to the kindergarten theory – treat others as the employees at Starbucks treat you.

Enjoy your next cup of coffee!


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