Thank God It’s Monday!

Thank God it’s Monday!

I really never liked Fridays (I don’t)
I can’t do what I wanna do (Like to)
Sold out at the movies (Go out)
Can’t eat at the restaurants (Weekends)
Everybody want a good time
But the bar’s full of cigarette smoke
I think I’ll stay home
I think I’ll wait for Monday


Weekends are about running errands and reactivating our minds by catching up with friends and family, spending time with family, spending time outdoors or indoors reading, watching movies, relaxing.

Why then, when it comes to Monday, we dread going into work? I realize that I love my job and work with amazing people and not everyone has this blessing. There is a way to change that. It may take some time to change the way you think but here are some tips to love Mondays:

  • Wake up a little earlier Monday morning. Enjoy that cup of coffee, tea or maybe you even make yourself breakfast before the rest of the world around you begins to wake up. That little piece of quiet can offer you an easy start to your day and your crazy week.
  • Take control of your day! When you get to the office, make a list of things you need to do today, tomorrow and the rest of the week. Things will be added to that list, but prioritize the list as the week moves forward.
  • Say “Good Morning!” to everyone you pass in the hall. This makes you and the person you say “hello” to smile (well it should). This triggers a different outlook to the day in our minds.
  • Walk away from your desk at lunch. Eat outside if weather permits, grab lunch with a work friend or just take a walk as a break at some point in your day.

Finally, say something good about yourself, the day or your job to start the morning. In the beginning, say “Only four more days to Friday!”

I can only say that, I hope we try working to live instead of living to work. Even in a creative job where sometimes you get inspired outside of the office, enjoying your life is more important. The tips above don’t only apply to Mondays, but ask your self this, do you want to limit yourself to only two days of enjoyment? I don’t.

Happy Monday! Enjoy the rest of your week!


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