Makin’ Plans

How can you use list making in your life? I love starting out my day with a 15-minute list making session. It helps me focus on priorities for my day. Interruptions always happen as I sit in a cubicle at the top of the walking path and people stop by to ask questions and chit-chat on a regular basis, which I love, but can throw off my focus. I have known for a while that I am a list maker. I make to-do lists for work, to-do lists for my weekends, grocery lists, packing lists, bill paying lists, and even cleaning lists. Maybe that makes me neurotic to some, but I think people who don’t make lists have a hard time living.

Throughout the day, I cross off the tasks I complete with a red pen, it feels more complete that way. If I do something that I hadn’t put on my list in the morning, I add it to the list and then cross it off. You can say I’m goal oriented and like to feel a sense of accomplishment at the end of each day. It helps me sleep at night… because I tend to make lists laying in bed thinking of things I need to get done.

This year, I plan to start a business based on my customer service and planning experience. List making is going to come in handy when I need to get things done in a specific order and then, hopefully, lists about clients and their needs. When that list starts, top priority #1 will be “Get a Client”.

In any case, making lists helps me in makin’ plans. I would love to hear what tools you use to get things accomplished throughout your day.

Thank you for stopping by! Happy list making!


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