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Dear Drivers,

I love driving. In fact, when other people are not in my car, I am the best driver in the world. I get distracted easily with conversation when other people are in the car , whoopsi.

However, as I age gracefully, driving has become one of those activities where I find myself being more of a defensive driver and not the aggressive driver. Why you ask? Frankly, I think I appreciate my alone time in the car much more than I did. I understand that regardless of the time, I would rather be alive and not pay another speeding ticket. I paid 4… they aren’t cheap!

This morning,  a driver was clearly in a hurry and almost rear ended me twice. I wasn’t in his way or moving slowly, I was moving with traffic and its a bit heavy at 7:20 in the morning. In any case, he zooms out of our lane and on to a side street that will bring him out to the street he wants to get to. Funny thing is, we arrive at the same light at the same time even though I stayed in the traffic.

Here is my hypothesis about humans. We need constant forward movement. My example is driving but forward movement comes in such a large variety of things. Like forward movement in a career, in our personal lives, in the personal lives of others, and clearly on the street.

I get it. I have been in a hurry all my life. Being from L.A. I have lived in traffic, so maybe I have more patience for it than most. I used to find any way out of any traffic situation that I could, typically I found myself ending up in exactly the same situation as my driving cohort did this morning or stuck in traffic on another street. That is, until I realized five to ten more minutes isn’t going to kill me and unless I am perpetually late for work, my boss won’t write me up, friends will wait, and life will continue. A simple text “I’m in traffic” to whom ever you are in a rush to get to, in 2012, is totally okay.

It’s perfectly okay if you’re in a hurry. I encourage it. However, there is a time and a place and if you aren’t willing to slow down for your safety or to learn something new, don’t bother being in a hurry. You’ll end up being early, endangering yourself or someone else or not getting to where you’re going because you don’t understand the way it works.

Breathe, take a moment to look around you and don’t be in such a hurry to get to where you’re going. Enjoy the time it takes to get there.


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