Candy Attack… What?

I’ve always enjoyed desert after a meal and a banana milkshake has always been my go to treat, but candy? No. Until now.

Where did the cravings come from? Apparently, sugar is as addictive as nicotine. Also, a craving I indulge in from time to time.

What I’ve learned: Sugar cravings can indicate a couple of things. 1) Your body needs something. You aren’t feeding yourself enough, you’re tired or your hormones are off-balance. 2) You may need to drink 16 oz of water. Sometimes cravings indicate you’re dehydrated. Again, this goes back to #1 where your body is telling you it needs something.

Unfortunately, I have given in to my sugar need with candy. I justify it by doing sprints on the treadmill during my morning workout which adds about five minutes to the jog.

My suggestions:

  1. Drink plenty of water. This isn’t a new thought. You can read it in any health magazine or your doctor can tell you.
  2. Eat an apple. They’re sweet. I’ve bought almond butter which is low in sugar but adds protein to fill me up and not think about candy.
  3. Sleep. What an odd suggestion! Health professionals say a minimum of 8 hours of sleep will go a long way. I have a hard time sometimes with eight hours and usually get around 7, but when I do get eight or nine – unassisted – sleep hours, I can tell the difference in my body.
  4. Did I mention exercise? On my drive in to work this morning, after I worked out for a straight 45 minutes of non stop movements, I realized I didn’t eat! AHHH!!  A McDonald’s Egg McMuffin without cheese has around 300 calories, and truly isn’t bad for you. That would have been an easy thought, but I always feel that after I work out the last thing I want to do is inject bad food into my body. Yesterday I didn’t work out and I ate a chocolate egg filled with peanut butter and some mini snickers. So work out. Go for a walk for 30 minutes.
  5. Gum. Yup. The sugar-free kind.
  6. Brush your teeth. Most of the time if I brush my teeth I don’t want to lose that clean, minty flavor feeling in my mouth.
  7. Give in, a little. Go ahead and eat a piece of candy. But eat the good kind. Dark chocolate covered almonds, dark chocolate with cherries in it or enjoy the piece of candy that you absolutely have to have but the mini one, and then take a walk around the block.

The fact that I even own candy is odd considering I never have before. I don’t even buy candy for Halloween to hand out!

Some sweet treats that I have tried: baked sweet potatoes with greek yogurt and walnuts, an orange, white cheddar rice cakes, and strawberries. Not at the same time though.

I do feel like the more I workout the more I want sweets. I should take my advice and drink some water.

Good luck!


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