What’s going on!?

December 31, 2011 I came home from my holiday vacation with my family. Of course, Paulie flew with me so we took an early flight back to Denver. We weren’t going to get home until around noon so I gave Paulie a little breakfast and forgot to give him some all-natural calming treats. In any case, the flight home was full, and Paulie was not calm. In fact, it’s the one time we’ve flown that the guy sitting next to us hated sitting with Paulie. Anyway, when we got to DIA, we picked up my suitcase and wandered into the parking garage where I tried to unlock my car and it wouldn’t electronically so I had to use the key. Of course, the car wouldn’t start. It had sat in the garage for 12 days in the cold and the battery had died. An hour later, the tow company came, and off we went. I missed our highway exit and Paulie got sick in my car, I had to pull over in a strange town and let him go to the bathroom.

Finally, we made it home after a crazy morning around 3pm and all I wanted to do was lay on my couch and turn the tv on. As I pushed the power button, a noise came out of the television that I had never heard before. It wasn’t a CNN reporter, or Full House re-runs, it was a dead noise. The “errrrrrrr” hum of a deceased electronic. I unplugged and plugged in and tried again. Same dead noise.

I think I cried. Briefly. But a tear fell. Where was I going to get peace and quit in brainless noise!? Tell me!? My computer? No. The internet wasn’t working. So I put in one of The Lord of the Rings movies and passed out on the couch to a dog laying on my feet to keep them warm.

Its May 9, 2012 and I have yet to buy a new TV. That’s right, I decided I didn’t want to pay for cable when I pay for Netflix and Hulu is readily available on the internet, among other ways to view television programs and get the news.

I thought “This will be a great way to read more, spend time outside, be motivated to work out and leave the house.” On those accounts it absolutely has worked.

Here is what has also happened. I have no idea whats going on in the world. I listen to NPR and I turn on CNN on my laptop to listen to the top stories, but I don’t check news sites nearly as often as I should. In one sense, it’s nice being disconnected from the world that we live in. Sometimes the news is heartbreaking and sometimes I don’t want to hear about the war or how some child was killed by their parent because of a divorce or how the US Presidential Election has become a joke. Who cares if Mitt Romney is a “dork”?

This morning, I decided to forego my workout and thought I should better get motivated to listen to some stuff going in the world that surrounds me. As usual, the stories were the same: how an 13-year-old Afghan girl was beaten and raped by her new in-laws, Mitt Romney doesn’t connect with people, a woman who sells hot dogs from a vendor cart also solicits herself, and Kim Kardashian and Kanye West are dating. The only story with any substance was the one about the Afghan girl. Mitt Romney not connecting with the people is not a story, he’s running for President of the United States, where does he stand on raising the cost of college tuition or creating new jobs. And KK and KW, why is she famous?

While, there were some other important stories, I feel I made the right decision to start reading more. I do miss baseball in the comfort of my home and I realize listening to these stories this morning that I should spend more time reading about politics and I will. I’m almost 30 and a ton of what is going on in this political race will affect my near future.

In the end, not having television has been wonderful. It has also been challenging to stay on top of world news.

Here’s to staying in the loop and learning something new about myself!

What have you given up that you are thinking twice about?


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