Shop ’til you… return?

AHHH!! I did it. I spent $400 on clothes. It was in three different stores, but non-the-less, I managed to spend more money than I needed to, and really more than I set out to spend.

I rationalized that I’ve been working out, eating better and got a bonus from work and deserved it. Until I got about three miles from the shopping center and thought “What the heck did I do that for?!”

All the things I bought were items that could be “needed” to update a wardrobe for work and play, but I have a closet full of clothes, and a couple of boxes of seasonal clothes, that I should first go through and purge before adding anything. I should also get down to the size I want to replace the clothes that no longer fit me.

What did I do, you might ask? I returned fifty percent of what I bought. A friend of mine, who knew I was having regrets and returned the clothing, sent me this link to read on about impulsive purchasing. CNN Money is a great place to find articles on ways to manage your money. This particular article gives advice on impulse buying and ways to stop yourself.

For example: I love shoes. All kinds: stilettos, flats, wedges, heels you name it, I own it in multiple colors, styles and brands. I would buy shoes at the drop of a dime… or dollar… or Debit card for that matter. I put a rule in place (also offered up by a friend) that if I bought a pair of shoes I had to give a pair I already owned to charity. I did that… twice, about six months ago and have bought one pair of shoes since. It’s hard to part with shoes.

Limitations and rules of discipline have been the best way for me to limit my shoe shopping addiction. Now comes the discipline for impulse buying. I want to buy a house next year and I am starting to watch every single penny.

Three miles into my drive home this past weekend, I decided that 4 t-shirts for $100 was ridiculous and made the grown-up decision to return all four and a pair of jeans and a shirt to Banana Republic that I don’t need for $95. I kept the dresses and items I couldn’t return because they were final sale and feel better about putting $200 back in my account.

I would rather go visit a couple of friends in California and Alabama than spend $200 worth of clothing I don’t need. Oh and that house buying thing.

What do you impulse buy?

Happy shopping! Or… Happy curbing your shopping!


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