Whiste While you Work

Please don’t.

I don’t know what it is about the ear-piercing noise that random people take part, but I absolutely detest this sound in enclosed spaces… like an office. Maybe I’m alone in my emotion.

I should say, that I am not opposed to noise in the office, but there is something about whistling and playing the drums with your feet or desk that is highly distracting.

Why do some people think it’s a perfectly acceptable noise? Do you want someone to say something about how beautiful your song is? I can whistle just fine… but I even hate my own whistle sound. Unless I am trying to get my dog’s attention, you will never catch me doing this.

We live in a sociable world, everything is out in the open, including our work spaces. It’s nice to talk to our co-workers across the way and ask for their opinion on something. Open offices keep us social. Isn’t that the reason we work in an office or corporate environment? To open our minds, develop relationships among our peers and move your career up the ladder?

What’s the right protocol? It’s a free country. Whistlers can whistle anywhere they want. How do you tell someone “Stop it”? Isn’t there some code of conduct that says, “Please be considerate of others around you including your ritual nose-picking, throat clearing, whistling, desk drumming, and eating with your mouth open.”

Sure the Employment Act allows you to formally give a grievance against another co-worker, but it isn’t anonymous and who wants to be labeled a “formal complainer”. Plus, unless its sexual harassment, little can actually be done. The whistler will be asked not to whistle, but whistlers have tunes in their heads so maybe it comes out as humming and another whole annoying habit forms.

I don’t want to have a home office yet… I’m still learning. I just put in my headphones and attempt to block out the noise.

If I could offer a bit of advice on those of you who whistle while you work or walk…

Its annoying to some people. Keep in mind what your own irritants are in public places and try to put yourself in someones shoes. Whistling isn’t the happy tune for everyone that it is for you. Be considerate. Don’t whistle while you work, unless you are in the confines of your own space.

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