Limp tail… No Joke

This is a clean post!

My dog is the happiest dog in the world. He is super loved, well taken care of and pretty active. He love, loves, loves other dogs and humans who give him attention are his favorite… and truly no one can resist his wagging tail and happy eyes.

Monday, I decided to take Paulie to the dog park. People sometimes get scared of him because he looks all tough and some dogs don’t like him because he is super high energy. Monday, was a special day… there were tons of dogs and he couldn’t figure out which one he wanted to play with the most and his tail was wagging 300 wags a minute. Imagine that! A woman even commented about how he could come dust her house with that tail. We were there about a half hour and by the time we left he was panting like a maniac. Paulie puts his all into running around and playing.

That night, yes he sleeps at the foot of my bed, he was jumping on and off the bed and wouldn’t lay still for more than an hour. I thought he was constipated or sick or who knows… he never acts like this. So we were up and in the backyard and back to bed for about 3 hours in the middle of the night. At one point I actually got dressed and was about to take him to the Pet hospital, but I decided that I would wait until the morning and call his vet.

At 7am, I watched my very sad dog walk around a bit and let him outside. I noticed he was running around chasing his squirrel friend, which indicated to me that his tummy was fine and he absolutely wasn’t sick… but I noticed his tail. It wasn’t moving. In fact, it was tucked underneath him. I thought “Oh boy, his tail is broken!”

I ran into my upstairs neighbor who told me her dog has had this happen before. It’s called “Limp” tail. Soooo of course I google it. I found out that it’s quite common. When his vet finally returned my call, he suggested we take x-rays. Now Paulie has been mostly healthy in the three years I’ve had him. He’s prone to ear infections, but we got that down. X-rays, the vet said, can cost up to $600. I said “His tail isn’t broken.” He said “Let’s get him on anti-infammatory and a pain medication so he’s not uncomfortable.” Deal.

Today, four days later, his tail is moving-ish. I think he wags it and notices there is still some pain and stops. Waahh!

He’ll better soon. Thank goodness! I can’t tell if he’s happy. His tail always tells me.


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2 thoughts on “Limp tail… No Joke

  1. I hope Paulie feels better soon.

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