Happy Mother’s Day…

But today’s Father’s Day you say…

We don’t get to choose our parents. We don’t get to choose where or how we grow up. We don’t get to choose our families. WHat we do get to choose is how to make the most of the situations we’re put into. Family happens to be the hardest when it comes to making decisions.

My father died a few years ago now and before that, he wasn’t around much to develop our relationship. He didn’t teach me how to ride a bike or drive. He didn’t tell me my first broken heart didn’t matter because he was going to kill him anyway. He didn’t tell me my shorts were too short. He didn’t go to my softball games.

Maybe now you’re thinking I missed out on a father/daughter relationship. I didn’t. In fact, I had one mother and father wrapped up in one.

Even when my father left and didn’t help with money, she choose being a parent to us… and a damn good one. Sometimes having to work two jobs to make sure we had our own place, food in the house, after school activities, and clothes when they were needed. We probably asked for too much and got too much, but she did what she could to make life as easy as it could be.

There are things I wish she’d done differently. Like push us harder in school and her cooking was better, but she gave us the freedom to be who we are and I think we’re both doing alright.

She stands by us when we make bad decisions, choose the wrong guys, drink too much on a weekend, buy to many clothes, or don’t clean our apartments up to her standards. She doesn’t lay guilt trips on me if I don’t call often enough or visit home enough.

I didn’t miss out on anything. Nicole nad I have a great family. My Uncle and Grandmother were there to support us and we are thankful to have had them every step of the way.

So, Happy Father’s Day to the most amazing parent! Thank you for everything that you do. I forgot to send flowers, but I still love you!


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4 thoughts on “Happy Mother’s Day…

  1. Stephanie Rudzki on said:

    This post is absolutely beautiful! You are such a great person with a heart of gold. I can’t wait to see you all in August!

  2. Kirstin on said:

    Tina, I’ve had your cooking and it was just fine. It’s better than Christina’s hippy eggplant! Happy Father’s Day Tina!

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