My Sister’s Having a Baby!

It’s been a little while since I’ve written anything for yearto30! I guess I’ve been a bit busy.

Let’s start with my sister’s baby shower.

We went back to our hometown of Simi Valley, CA so Nicole could see her friends, and some of mine and my mom’s, and everyone could celebrate with her. She’s super excited. I stayed with Marvin and Apryl and they let me bring Paulie, which was super nice… we all know Paulie likes to travel!

It was great. Nicole left California with probably enough clothes to clothe two children for the first six months… and this was the smaller of the two baby showers she is having. We got to see some old friends like Stephanie Stokes who made Nicole’s cake. She makes these things as a hobby. Check out her website Stoked On Cake. She’s so creative. Since I was the party planner, as usual, the cake was on my plate to get organized and Steph said she’d do it, so I immediately checked it off my list because her work is magical. She asked a couple of questions and I told her the theme was baby zoo/safari animals and she come up with this:

Ummmm…. It was perfect and delicious.  Thank you Steph!

Jody and her family let us have the party at their house. Which was great and easy. Jody and her husband and her two kids are like family.

She’s like a sister to me and we’re so thankful they opened their home up to let us celebrate Nicole’s baby girl!

Nicole’s friends: Let me just say, Nicole and I weren’t very close while we were growing up and I certainly didn’t get to know her friends. However, a few of her friends came to see her and I was shocked to see them. I know Nicole is all grown up, but I see her all the time. It’s another thing to see people you still have little girl images of. Its jolting. And it makes me feel a little old.

What else…. oh the baby clothes…

The baby clothes!! I thought it was never going to end. It was awesome. The manufacturers of baby clothes have made some awesome decisions. They’re super cute and have some of the funniest sayings ever. The good news is I get to buy baby Arianna clothes as she gets older. I don’t stand a chance buying her baby clothes because I think Nicole got everything possible.

Next up on things to do and visit in Simi Valley, CA… a few of our favorite hometown restaurants. Red’s BBQ and Toppers Pizza. I love Denver, and really there’s the most amazing food here, but it’s so nostalgic to eat at your hometown restaurants.

Visiting home felt a little like going to a foreign place. Familiar, but different, however that’s possible. It was nice to see the friends I did get to see and I’m thankful to those who made the trip to celebrate with us.

I wish I could have stayed one or two extra days to see everyone, but they should come to Denver.

Happy Baby Shower! And Happy Baby Day to Nicole. Arianna’s arrival is most anticipated.


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