But I’m a Nice Girl…

Dating is silly.

Well at least that’s what I think. I’m still waiting for my white knight to ride up to my door on his white horse (or car with some horsepower) say “I’m your new husband”, and start to move his stuff in.

Clearly… unrealistic.

I have bad boy syndrome. I’m so used to being treated like crap its hard to wrap my head around someone being legitimately nice to me, for a length of time, like maybe forever. You know the good ones… I don’t think they’re all taken. I think girls who say that, don’t know how to deal with someone decent enough to open a door, pay for dinner and maybe even come to your door to pick you up for a date instead of text you he’s outside. Guys, you can thank me if you’d like.

Nice guys girls date are nice and don’t play games because (dun dun dun) GASP! I think they like us. It’s so hard for me to figure out because I’m not sure how to handle it.

The thing is… I’m a nice girl. I’m smart and funny, occasionally (at least I have a pretty good sense of humor). I have a job I love, and while my family might be slightly crazy, whose isn’t, they’re awesome and we’re close. I’ll pay for things when he lets me and I have great friends too.

So what else is there… obviously attraction has to play a role in every relationship. Nice, smart and funny don’t typically add up to marriage or a long-term relationship.

What it is then? I still don’t know except that maybe most nice guys don’t have any tattoos, haven’t spent a single night in jail, probably have never cheated on a girlfriend, and my family may actually like him… a lot.

I read this article about dating nice guys and she poses some good points. She received advice from someone: “One day, you’re going to meet someone and you’re just going to like him.” This has been my philosophy forever. And with the few boyfriends I’ve had… this statement was true each time. But can it really be instant when you feel you’ve been let down so many times? I feel like maybe I have to work on trusting myself enough to let go.


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