Super POWER!

I am genetically enhanced. I have a super power.

As I get older and older, and continue to deal with the public, I realize that the power to problem solve is a super power. While I have met other problem solvers, I find them few and far between. Also, I continue to manifest new ideas and ways to problem solve as life goes on developing my power each day.

It’s interesting to me that many people lack this life skill and I wonder How do  you survive in the world?

This super power occasionally makes people refer to me as bossy, condescending, I’ve been called the B-word often, rude, etc. But the truth of the matter is, I find it incredibly unbelievable that the majority of the human population lack this relatively easy-to-get power.

I thought maybe I would let you in on a couple of secrets to the way that I absorb this power.

  • When posed with an issue, its okay to say “Let me think about this for a moment.”
  • Sit back, maybe close your eyes, and imagine the situation is happening right in front of you.
  • Maybe this very same issue has come up before. Ask yourself: What did I do at that time?
  • If it’s a new situation, think How can I reach a positive outcome? What outcome are we looking for?
  • Then imagine the outcome using the tools you have at your fingertips or tools you may have to borrow from the universe to make it so.

Overtime, if you practice these few steps, you too can obtain this super power of problem solving.

Aside from the sarcasm, seriously, Employers want a problem solvers. Human beings that you interact with on a regular basis, want to deal with problem solvers. They want you to be able to think for yourself. If you ask your boss how many copies they want made for the Executive meeting that has six Executives attending, I hope you get fired on the spot.

A few websites for you to visit to aid you:

How about some diagrams to help you out. Some people are visual learners:

What to pull away from this…

I love questions. I wrote something about asking questions. Just think before you ask it. Maybe even try to solve the question with your newly found super power, and WOW the people around you.

Thanks for reading! Check out My Eating Healthy section to help boost your brain power to become a super hero like me !

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