Hello… Goodbye…Anyone there?

When is it ok to text? What is an ok texting conversation? How do you end a text conversation? Somebody explain it to me!

I’m not about to do a study about texting etiquette, but I guess there should be a “rule of thumb” agreement across the board. Since it happens to be our way of communication these days, maybe even our chosen way over email, I thought I’d take a look at my lift in texts.

Here’s what I have recently found to be important to me…

  1. Keep it simple. I actually prefer face to face conversation. I like the talking on the phone as much as I like getting a paper cut, but that doesn’t mean I prefer holding a full conversation over texting. However, I’m guilty of it
  2. Keep it simple. Long winded texts are annoying. Bing. Bing. Bing. Call me.
  3. Also, I’m guilty of speed texting… Yup… wrong person… that message was not for you. Please don’t show up at the bar I just mentioned.
  4. I should really follow my own rules… Don’t impulsive text. Texts that can be construed as angry should not be sent. Angry texts should not be sent.
  5. I’d say… “watch your tone” but if you know me, you know my tone… if you don’t… too bad.
  6. Biggest text pet peeve of mine… abbrev. That would be abbreviations. LOL… BTW… BRB… half the time I don’t even know what they mean. I never use LOL. If you’re text box only allows a certain amount of characters, your text should be shorter… or you can actually let the person know “I just laughed out loud.
  7. Lastly, if the conversation is over… say so. A simple “Alright… talk to you tomorrow” Or a “I’ll see you later” is the proper thing to do. Its like hanging up the phone, “Goodbye.” This is a biggie for me. I like the end of things. Finish it up with a bow, so to speak. If a conversation is left in limbo, I am just supposed to assume that you went to sleep? Died? Froze in time?

Is that too big of a list? If not… Here’s a longer one.

This list is interesting… It’s first rule is “Don’t text when you wouldn’t call. That’s when I would text. If I need to tell someone something or give someone a time for later… calling at 11am seems silly. I guess if you know the person well enough to know that its okay to do so or they prefer a text than a call… then I say do it.

If you Google (or Bing) Text Etiquette, there are plenty of “how tos” or “Do’s and Don’ts”. There certainly isn’t a lack of how people feel about this form of communication. I like writing, I like texting, I like emailing, I’ll chat on the phone for a bit even. How do you feel about texting? Whats your “rule of thumb”?



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2 thoughts on “Hello… Goodbye…Anyone there?

  1. I am so guilty of leaving a text conversation hanging. Sometimes I just give up because I have an old phone and my thumbs hurt (I blame years of video games for my thumb-related injuries). I also don’t keep track of my phone, so I notice a text from a few days ago where a friend is asking me something weird. Since it’s three days later, I never know how to respond. I think by now my friends know I’m a terrible texter and they are luckier if they can catch me online.

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