Food in Denver

I still feel new in Denver. My two-year anniversary is here and while I’ve done a few things, I still feel like I discover new things to do all the time.

With our busy schedules, my friends Jen and Ilinca finally got to have a girls night. We went to one new restaurant and one pretty popular restaurant  (both new to me).

Uncle– in the Highlands. An Asian fusion concept. Great service… delicious food. We had a lovely time in the new Highlands spot.

After dinner we decided to continue our evening with some drinks at Highland Bar & Tap. The ladies went hiking that morning and forgot their ID’s in their pants pockets and when they attempted to order some drinks, the bartender said he couldn’t serve them… silly girls. We left… on a mission to find a place that did not need everyone to have an ID. We don’t look 20.

We moved along to LOHI Steak & Bar and I ordered our drinks (the youngest in the group). It was so nice to just hang out!

Next up… the supermarket… Why, you ask? Oh you know… Ingredients for Smores. What to get, what to get?

I did have to cut out early before the Smores were ready, but I joined Ilinca and Jen for Breakfast Sunday morning at Jelly. Ummm… yummy!! The donuts were awesome, the food was creative, the service was fun, Jelly - Summer Hashthe restaurant was full of chatter, and Jen even let me give her some Mary Kay samples (what a good friend). I should mention that Ilinca previously purchased product to support my endeavor.

Overall, it was a fabulous weekend with two of my favorite people.

If you get a chance, visit one of these two restaurants sometime.

Love you girls!


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2 thoughts on “Food in Denver

  1. Ilinca on said:

    ahh…love you girls and love my Mary Kay products too!

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