Catching up…

Well.. I am well into my 30’s… 32 now. And so much has happened since my last post.

I lost my grandmother, who is so very special to me, but with her passing, brought so much life. I bought a house, met the most amazing boyfriend ever. Quit a job, started a new job, lost that job, moved in with Drew, and my mom, sister and niece moved to Colorado.

Life has changed dramatically, and I couldn’t be more grateful for it all.

Keyboard-Job-SearchToday – life is changing again. I am on the search for a new job. Although looking for a new job is like having a full time job. So here I am… deciding to stay in training or find something else to do.

In between walking the dogs and spending time on LinkedIn and Glassdoor, I also shutterstock-belly-fatnoticed, I have happy fat. Life has been so amazing, that my belly is fat!Its about time we changed that.

One thing this summer that I need to work towards… Telluride Via Ferratta. I need the muscles in my arms that I had before and to feel light on my feet.

While this jumped around a bit… I’m ready to write again and continue to catch up. I have a lot to do to get a job and get back on the healthy train]

Thank you for stopping by!


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