Is it really this hard to find a job?


I was laid off about six weeks ago and I spend about three days a week four hours a day searching and applying for positions that suit me and my skill level. The rest of the time I am doing stuff around the house, reading or just allowing myself to be a little lazy. I have been working since I was twelve, babysitting, and then got my first real job as soon as I could at fifteen.

I didn’t even get laid off at a good time to take classes to finish up my degree… maybe I will take some summer school classes. In any case, what does a girl gotta do to get a job in the Denver Metro area?

I’m not complaining. There are worse things in life. Mostly… I’m a little bored and would love to interact with people. Plus – I really love what I do… or what I am capable of doing. If I can’t do training specifically, I would love to utilize those skills in any other way possible. So, I will take a new approach.

Today I sent both of my resumes to a friend to get her un-bias opinion and feedback to try to make it better and see what I can do to get this job search moving.

I have a lot of shoes I could sell.

Thanks for taking the time to read. If you’re hiring check out my resume!

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3 thoughts on “Is it really this hard to find a job?

  1. I’m moving to Denver later this year and that’s one thing I’m really not looking forward to…jobsearching!
    Good luck!

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